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Me with the lovely flowers

One client was so pleased with the service, he sent flowers !
My daughter with the balloon

Next week I got a balloon from Lillies Balloons !
Me with my dog Jura and the champagne

Another client sent Champagne :o)
Me with my dogs Islay and Jura

A box of chocolates arrived from Alford House
Me with the mountains and a box of chocolates

One client came to visit us on our windswept Island and gave me a box of chocolates.

Hazel and her husband Pat are a couple of web design and web maintenance stars; if you want to improve your business in the cheapest, quickest and most efficient way, then may I once again encourage you in their direction;


Hi Hazel,

.......... you provide an excellent and reliable fast service, that far exceeds expectations, putting your competitors in the website design industry to shame. so well done.


Hi Hazel,

Just to let you know that we have had some bookings from the site direct over the past few weeks, and today got a good one from Magnet, the kitchen people, and they made a point to say they were impressed with the site !!

Many thanks

Dear Hazel,

I really do love the site you've made for me. To me, it evokes a friendly Scottish character without being twee, and it looks elegant and straightforward while containing a reasonable amount of useful information in a manageable format... Fabby!

In the 9 days it's been up there have been over 300 hits (which can't be bad), and the level of enquiries is good.

All the best,


Dear Hazel

.......The site is brilliant it is quite scary to think what business we would have with out it. Thanks.


My dear Hazel

I am quite overcome by the efforts you make on my behalf. This is the best year ever for us (we are now in our fifth year) and James actually commented on Sunday that it was all down to you - I certainly wouldn't disagree. May the force be with you!!!

Lots of love

Dear Hazel,

Thanks once again I will drop the cheque in the post for you tomorrow, very reasonable cost I must say, some of the other web designers should take a leaf from your book, your costs are very good.


Dear Hazel,

Having found your site via, I was most impressed by what I saw. As you know I invested nearly 400.00 last October with a web design company and was very unhappy with the level of service I was receiving.

Over the period of our relationship I have found that your response to requests have been excellent, (almost before my email of changes had been sent to you the results were posted on to my site.

We are getting nearly all of our enquiries from the web and everyone I speak to thinks the web site is great.

Thanks Hazel for your help, patience and professionalism in creating my website.

Yours sincerely

Janet and David Leech

Dear Hazel

Sorry I have taken so long to respond to your Email of three months ago, fortunately you have done too good a job and we have been so busy. Since you have got us on to Yahoo the world and its mother are coming to stay with us. MANY THANKS. I can only say to your question re percentages, is that most of our business comes through Yahoo, with the other sites I advertise on coming a bad second. Customers may not always book through the internet but the majority find us that way.

Kind regards,

David and Chris.

Dear Hazel

I thought you would like to know that we are getting a large amount of hits on the site via Yahoo. I know you managed to get us listed, and it is certainly working. I have been looking on Yahoo - using searches - and our site comes up extremely well, sometimes on the first or second page. If I do a search on Lincolnshire Self Catering and similar .....there we are........but also, and this is really great, I found us by just searching for Self Catering U.K. ! To be found in that large selection is wonderful. Not forgetting Google - which is a constant referrer......! We are also noticing a lot of other search engines are listing the cottages.

We wanted to say Thanks A Lot.

Bye for now. Best wishes. Stephanie.

Dear Hazel,

I have just been checking our web-stats, and somebody last night did the following search on Altavista: `cottages in heart of England` Altavista said there were 19,345,667 listings. We were number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our site was higher than all the big agencies !! I could`nt wait to let you know. Brilliant Hazel. thank you

Regards Mac

Dear Hazel,

I am really pleased with the response from the web. On 'Yahoo' for 'Self catering in Northumberland' I am second on the list!!!!! I have 19 weeks booked so far this year!!!

Many Thanks Alison

Dear Hazel,

Excellent news about Yahoo. How do you do it? We're extremely pleased with the site, I've just recommended you to a friend.

Many thanks again.


Dear Hazel,

Many thanks and well done for the yahoo! success.

best wishes,


Dear Hazel,

Thank-you very much, I have no idea how you managed to get my Dunns Houses Farmhouse B & B onto the first page of Yahoo, Well done.

Kind regards

Jane Findlay.

Hi Hazel,

Good result! I'm more than happy.

Kind regards,

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